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Check out GSAFE’s 2013-2014 Annual Report, “Building Bridges”.

Click here for “Building Bridges: GSAFE’s 2013-2014 Annual Report”.

Here are our highlights from 2013–2014:

Advancing Gender and Trans* Justice in Schools

In order to ensure that trans* youth are respected and have equal opportunity in schools, we worked with several key school districts to add “gender identity and expression” to their student non-discrimination policies.  In 2013-2014, the Appleton, Eklhorn, Green Bay, Oregon, Shorewood, and Stoughton school districts approved this policy change.

Deepening Racial Justice

In January 2014 we officially launched our Racial Justice Program in Madison.  This program focuses on building the leadership of LGBTQ and ally youth of color, improving school climate for LGBTQ youth of color, and advocating for policy solutions that will improve health and educational outcomes for all youth of color, including LGBTQ youth of color.

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“Some of the boys used the expression ‘No Homo’ when playing a game and I immediately talked to them about what that phrase means and how it is offensive. GSAFE’s training prepared me to intervene in that moment.”

After school program staff