Days of Action


Many Gay-Straight Alliances and similar clubs organize different campaigns, events, and days of actions in their schools to help bring about greater awareness to LGBTQ people, issues, and events.  Here are just a few resources you can use to help organize a successful event in your school!


Ready-Made Events for the 2016-2017 School Year

Would you like to get your GSA calendar ready for the next school year?  This resource lists many of the days of action that GSAs and similar clubs organize around during the academic year, with helpful links where you can find more information about each event.  Click here to read or download this document.


Words Hurt Organizing Manual

The GSA at Appleton East High School was the first school in Wisconsin to organize a “Words Hurt Week”, and they did such a fantastic job that we asked them if they would be willing to document their efforts and create a manual that other schools and clubs can use to organize similar events.  Click here to read more about Words Hurt and download the organizing manual.


Frequently Asked Questions about Day of Silence

One of the most common events that GSAs organize in their schools is the Day of Silence.  This document answers some of the most commonly asked questions about Day of Silence, and would be great to share with administrators, school staff, and parents.  For more information about the Day of Silence, please visit the official website at


Download article as PDF


amy-testimonial“GSAFE’s LTI helped me become the person and activist I wanted to be, and helped me hone my skills so I could be a better leader.  I discovered myself in ways I never imagined.” – Amy, Former GSAFE Youth Activist