GSA @ Elementary

Whether it’s a child with same gender parents or LGBTQ+ family members, a child who is asserting their affirmed gender identity, or a child who is experiencing bullying based on their real or perceived gender identity or sexual orientation, we know that LGBTQ+ topics impact children of all ages, including at the elementary level.

GSAFE is pleased to host this discussion about the ins and outs of starting, running, and supporting a GSA at the elementary level. Madison Metropolitan School District educators have graciously agreed to share what they’ve done or are attempting to do in response to requests from students and families. They’ll share what’s worked well, what hasn’t worked well, and lessons they’ve learned along the way.

Registration is open to educators and school leaders who are interested in learning how a GSA or similar club might work at the elementary level. We will send out registration information in a separate email before the start of the meeting. Please contact us at to learn more of if you encounter problems.