Joint Statement from GSAFE and Fair Wisconsin regarding the introduction of transgender student athlete bills in the Wisconsin Legislature

March 2, 2021


Brian Juchems, GSAFE, (608) 235-5467,

Megin McDonell, Fair Wisconsin, (608) 279-2659,

Joint statement from GSAFE and Fair Wisconsin regarding the introduction of transgender student athlete bills in the Wisconsin Legislature

[Madison] Tuesday, a pair of bills is being introduced in the Wisconsin state legislature that would prohibit transgender student athletes from participating in organized sports at school.

The bills will add Wisconsin to a growing list of states that are introducing similar legislation as part of a coordinated effort to push back on recent gains in protections for transgender individuals.

Transgender youth athletes play sports for the exact same reasons as other students their age: Staying healthy, being part of a team, and fostering friendships—all lifelong benefits of playing a sport.

Transgender youth also face discrimination in their daily lives, and turn to sports as an affirming space. Preventing transgender students from participating sends a dangerous message and increases the risks to their physical and emotional wellbeing.

As we all continue to face hardship from COVID-19, we need our lawmakers to pay attention to issues that matter—not look for ways to make life harder for transgender youth.


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