Mark Pocan Launches Youth Leadership and Scholarship Fund

Mark Pocan Launches Youth Leadership and Scholarship Fund

Madison, WI – November 20, 2012

Mark Pocan, Congressman-elect for Wisconsin’s 2nd District, announces his inaugural gift to the Mark Pocan Youth Leadership and Scholarship Fund.  This fund of Gay Straight Alliance for Safe Schools (GSAFE) will support the development of youth leaders and fund scholarships to graduating high school seniors who have been dedicated to making their schools safer and more supportive for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) students and all youth.  State statute allows for State campaign funds to be disbursed to non-profits when they are closed, so Mark Pocan will be using the remaining $20,000 in his state campaign account as matching funds for the creation of this fund.  Gifts are welcome from any businesses or individuals who can join Mark Pocan in supporting Wisconsin’s next generation of leaders.

“I’m proud to help build the next generation of Wisconsin’s youth leaders,”explained Mark Pocan in describing the importance of this fund.

“Whether they are creating policy changes to make their schools more effective at including and educating all students, working with their school clubs to help other youth become leaders, or intervening in bullying to make a safer school environment, Wisconsin students are leading the way in creating schools where all youth can thrive,” described GSAFE’s Co-Director, Kristen Petroshius.  “Building the leadership of Wisconsin’s LGBTQ youth will help them become the innovative change-makers our communities need – much in the spirit of Mark Pocan.”

To make a gift to the Mark Pocan Youth Leadership and Scholarship Fund, please click here.

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“​Chippewa Falls Middle School’s mission is to provide a safe and supportive place for all of our students to learn and grow together. The Safe Space training from GSAFE provided staff with valuable resources to become more aware of how to be a better gender inclusive school!​” – Susan Kern, Middle School Principal