Superior High School

Every October we commemorate LGBT History Month to honor the contributions that LGBT people have made to history, the arts, culture, politics, and more.  Many GSAs will create displays to shine a spotlight on LGBT people, some well known and others not-so-well known.  The GSA at Superior High School has been creating a display for LGBT History Month for several years now.

From Rachael Holden-Kaufman, the GSA advisor at Superior High School:  “This display allows GSA students to create something that all students can see. The library is well-visited, so the display is in an area of high traffic for students. It also allows GSA members to work with library staff to explore the plethora of LGBT texts (fiction and non-fiction and of various genres) that the SHS library contains. This year a former GSA leader, now a student at UW-Superior came in and helped students create the display as well.”

Here are some photos of the display that the GSA created in 2016 (click on the photo to see it in a larger size):








































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“​Chippewa Falls Middle School’s mission is to provide a safe and supportive place for all of our students to learn and grow together. The Safe Space training from GSAFE provided staff with valuable resources to become more aware of how to be a better gender inclusive school!​” – Susan Kern, Middle School Principal