Host a Day of Learning event in your community

A Day of Learning

GSAFE, in collaboration with the Wisconsin Transgender Health Coalition, has developed a free toolkit for individuals and groups interested in organizing A Day of Learning event at your school or in your community.  

Please email GSAFE for more information.

Inspired by Mount Horeb students and community advocates who organized community book readings and forums to show support for transgender children in late 2015, GSAFE designed the toolkit as a simple how-to guide with tips and resources for supporters to use to create community-based opportunities for learning.  The toolkit provides links to video clips, as well as suggestions for children’s books, art projects, and facilitated discussions to use at local events.

“Despite increased visibility, many stereotypes and misconceptions persist about what it means to be young and transgender,” said Brian J., GSAFE’s Senior Director of Education and Policy.

Those misconceptions and stereotypes contribute to an often hostile and unwelcoming environment for transgender students in Wisconsin’s K-12 schools.  The 2015 Dane County Youth Assessment documented the additional challenges and outcomes faced by trans students, finding that:

  • 24% of trangender youth experienced homelessness in the past 12 months compared to 1% of their cisgender peers.
  • 46% of transgender youth skipped school in the past month compared to 21% of cisgender students.
  • 32% carried a weapon on school property in the past month versus 4% of cisgender students
  • Only 53% feel safe in school versus 86% of their cisgender peers
  • 20% had been in juvenille corrections for 30+ days within the the past year versus 1% of cisgender students
  • 35% of transgender youth had attempted suicide in past year, versus 5% of non-trangender peers.

“Now is the time to build greater awareness and understanding around the lives of transgender and non-binary students,” Brian J. continued.  “Our youth remain resilient despite and in the face of significant obstacles, and are often on the front edge of advocating for equal treatment in schools.” 

Transgender and non-binary are quite often the leaders of their school’s GSA and similar clubs, and have been involved in the leadership and in supporting statewide racial justice advocacy.  

“With the Trump administration’s action to roll back guidance around existing Title IX protections for trans youth, every Wisconsin community and every Wisconsin school district must take steps to support, build, and strengthen safeguards for our trans and nonbinary youth,” said Brian J. 

To learn more or receive a copy of GSAFE’s A Day of Learning toolkit, please give us a call at (608) 661-4141 or email us.



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“Without the knowledge, resources, and extra effort of GSAFE, I have no question that we would not have a Gay-Straight Alliance in our school.” – David Witte, Middle School Principal