Creating a Safe Zone

Safe Zone Training

Our newest and most popular training!  GSAFE’s Safe Zone trainings are fun, fast-paced, and informative.  Educators will learn and practice skills to directly support LGBTQ youth in a variety of situations.  This 2-3 hour workshop is perfect for staff in-services and professional development time.  Give your staff the tools, skills, and confidence to support LGBTQ youth.

  • Increase confidence in responding to questions from students about LGBTQ issues.
  • Learn how to directly address anti-LGBTQ comments.
  • Know how to make your classroom safe and inclusive for LGBTQ youth.
  • Gain tips for responding to push back and/or questions from students, staff, parents, and community members.
  • And more!


“Every school should have this training for staff.  It was a great session with time for information sharing and problem solving.  The emphasis on practicing skills built my confidence to address and support ALL students.”

McFarland middle school educator


“The comfortable tone and climate were key for opening up difficult conversations.  I loved the energy and the chance to practice.  GSAFE rocked it!”

McFarland middle school educator


“I wish we would have had more time to work through more potential questions from children.  This is real and we will have to answer them, and practice is needed.”

Stoughton elementary school educator


“Very informative. Too bad we didn’t have more time!”

Union Grove high school educator


Download our Safe Zone training brochure Safe Zone Flier.


Check out our upcoming trainings, here.

Check out our resource page for educators, here.

For more information on scheduling a training for your school or district, please contact Brian J.

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haruka-testimonial“The summer after my first year of high school I attended LTI, GSAFE’s camp for youth leaders. I hold those four days dear to my heart and firmly believe that they were instrumental in transforming my life.” – Haruka, Former GSAFE Youth Activist