Doing Health Education

GSAFE has worked to create some of our own resources that GSAs and students can use to start conversations.

Resources for Health Education

We often hear from our students that health classes don’t include information that is relevant to LGBTQ youth.  We also know that GSAs are one of the places where LGBTQ+ youth go to find information about keeping themselves and their friends healthy.

Self-Care 101

Self-care is an important part of staying healthy. Having a strategy or plan can help you deal with everyday stressors and other big issues in your life.

Six Wisconsin Stories

We know that going to the doctor can be a scary thing, especially if you are not sure that your doctor will know how to answer your questions or best respond to your health needs as an LGBT person.

Talking with Your GSA about HIV & AIDS

HIV/AIDS continues to be a major health concern for young people – all young people

Out of School Survival Kit

Breaks from school can be challenging for LGBTQ+ youth especially if your living situation is less than supportive or unsafe.  While we hope breaks are fun and relaxing, we know…