Providing Leadership as an Administrator

Administrators play a critical role in setting the culture of a school.  Students, educators, and parents look to administrators to take the lead on making sure that all students feel included and welcome.  GSAFE has provided training for administrators around Wisconsin related to LGBTQ+ student issues.  If you are an administrator looking for guidance or training, please call our Senior Director of Education & Policy Brian Juchems at (608)661-4141 or email him at

Here are a few resources that can be helpful for administrators related to LGBTQ+ issues:

From the ACLU: This open letter to school administrators explains the legal rights students have to a GSA.

From the U.S Department of Education: This Dear Colleague Letter clarifies students’ rights to a GSA and explains the benefits a GSA has on schools and students.

From Gender Spectrum: This resource provides comprehensive guidance on supporting transgender and gender non-conforming students in your school.

From the U.S Departments of Justice and Education: This Dear Colleague Letter clarifies that Title IX provides protection from discrimination for transgender students.



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“Words Hurt Week helped me discover the importance of intersectionality within all social movements – recognizing that we cannot make progress within the queer community without also examining the systems that impact other oppressions.”  Maria, Former GSAFE Youth Activist