Doing Health Education




We often hear from our students that health classes don’t include information that is relevant to LGBTQ youth.  We also know that GSAs are one of the places where LGBTQ+ youth go to find information about keeping themselves and their friends healthy.

GSAFE has worked to create some of our own resources that GSAs and students can use to start conversations.  Let us know what else you would like to see on this page!


Self-Care 101

It’s a stressful time to be a young person.  In addition to the stress of balancing school, home life, work, and friendships, LGBTQ+ youth often face additional stressors because of harassment and discrimination.  This guide gives some quick self-care tips, including a template for creating your own self-care plan.  Read it here.

Talking with Your GSA about HIV & AIDS

We know that every school will have different policies on what students and GSAs can and can’t discuss in regard to HIV and AIDS prevention.  This resource lists lots of different ideas for schools and clubs to use, and your GSA advisor will be able to help you decide which ones you can do and which ones you shouldn’t.  Read and download the resource here.

Out of School Survival Kit

Breaks from school can be challenging for LGBTQ+ youth especially if your living situation is less than supportive or unsafe.  While we hope breaks are fun and relaxing, we know they can also cause stress and anxiety. GSAFE, in collaboration with Mental Health America of Wisconsin, developed an Out of School Survival Kit to provide some ways to take good care of you during this time, as well as some resources for when things are tough.  Download it here.

Six Wisconsin Stories

In 2011, GSAFE interviewed six recent high school graduates and asked them about their experiences going to the doctor for check-ups and to get tested for HIV and other STIs.  These young people have shared their stories with us in the hopes that GSAs can use them as discussion starters and learn from their different experiences.  Read the stories here.



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“Some of the boys used the expression ‘No Homo’ when playing a game and I immediately talked to them about what that phrase means and how it is offensive. GSAFE’s training prepared me to intervene in that moment.”

After school program staff