Standing Up Against Injustice


Dear friends and supporters,

Like many of you, are our hearts are with the family and friends of Trayvon Martin.  While we cannot know their grief, the impact of both his loss and the absence of justice are deeply felt.

As an organization, GSAFE works to build schools where students are free to learn without the fear of violence, discrimination, or reprisal for who they are or who they are presumed to be.  We know this verdict gives people continued permission to fear, mistrust, and commit violence against black and brown young men.

This permission in part fuels a hostile environment for students of color, including LGBTQ students of color.  In Wisconsin this has resulted in an entrenched achievement gap, high rates of school suspensions and expulsions, and one of the largest incarceration rates for black and brown boys in our country.

There is still so much work to be done.  We are grateful for the chance to get to learn from and work alongside brilliant state and national activists who have led the struggle for justice for communities of color in both schools and community.

GSAFE stands with all organizations that resist unjust laws and systems that permit and encourage this violence to continue.


In solidarity,

Brian Juchems & Kristen Petroshius
on behalf of the GSAFE staff and board