Wauwatosa, Superior, Kettle Moraine, and Germantown – Take Action

Take Action by Monday, August 8th to Support Inclusion in Superior

A group of School District of Superior parents are appealing a decision made by District Administrator Amy Starzecki rejecting their demand to eliminate age-appropriate instruction about pronouns and gender identity as part of a comprehensive 5th grade curriculum. Their appeal will be heard by the Superior School Board at their Monday, August 8th meeting – please act now! 

How to help:

  1. Email the School District of Superior Board of Education thanking them for their service and asking them to stand behind District Administrator Amy Starzecki’s decision to include age-appropriate lessons about pronouns and gender identity at the 5th grade level. Encourage them to stand behind teaching about diversity and respect, and upholding the district’s value that “all means all…every student, every day!”

School District of Superior Board of Education 









A Regular Meeting of the Board of Education of the Superior School District will be held Monday, August 8, at 5:00 pm in the Board Room of the Administration Office, 3025 Tower Ave, Superior WI. To attend virtually, visit this page: https://superior.ss13.sharpschool.com/district/board_of_education/board_of_education_home_page


Anti-LGBTQ+ Activists Target Wauwatosa HGD Curriculum

Anti-LGBTQ+ activists are rallying against an evidence-based and medically- accurate Human Growth and Development (HGD) curriculum in the Wauwatosa School District. They are objecting to curriculum in large part because includes age-appropriate discussions about bodies, gender identity, and sexual orientation. Reviewed and proposed by a committee of diverse community voices and perspectives, the revised curriculum aims to empower students to develop healthy relationships, to engage in respectful communication, and to practice responsible decision making that is grounded in the importance of self-worth and the dignity of others. The proposal allows families to opt out of HGD units, including individual lessons. There is no reason why a small group of parents should restrict what other students can learn about their bodies and each other.

How to help:  

  1. Use this public feedback form to review and offer your support for the revised curriculum. The portal is open for public comments through August 17th.
  2. Contact Superintendent Means and the Wauwatosa School Board. Thank them for their service and encourage them to support the proposed HGD curriculum as presented by the committee. The first reading of the proposed curriculum is Monday, August 8th at their open board meeting – please act now!

Superintendent Means: meansde@wauwatosa.k12.wi.us

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Public Comment Email Address for Monday Board Meeting:


Attend the Meeting via Zoom here


Kettle Moraine Bars Staff from Sharing Supportive Signs and Pronouns

District leaders recently caved to a group of vocal parents who opposed staff displaying signs and including pronouns in their email signatures. Posting safe zone signs, supportive messages for Black and Brown youth, and offering pronouns is culturally responsive and are simple best practices that create a warmer, more welcoming and safer school for all students. The next public board meeting is Tuesday, August 16th, 7-9PM at Kettle Moraine High School – Library/Media Center, 349 North Oak Crest Drive, Wales, WI.

How you can help: 

  1. Sign this petition (created by current KM students) 
  2. Email Superintendent Plum and the Kettle Moraine School Board. Thank them for their service and ask them to reverse their decision barring staff from posting and wearing affirming signs and symbols, as well as offering their pronouns.

Superintendent Plum: plums@kmsd.eud

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Germantown Library Student Pride Display Prompts Policy Challenge

Some members of the Germantown community took offense at a Pride display created by an LGBTQ+ teen in their community last month. Now they are calling on the board to change their display, exhibit and posting policy, limiting who can and can’t create similar displays in the future. Libraries are a place where all members of the community learn and encounter new ideas. 

How to Help:

  1. Email the Germantown Public Library Board. Thank them for their service and ask them to leave their display, exhibit, and posting policy unchanged. The current policy allows LGBTQ+ and other marginalized youth to feel proud and educate the community about their identity and experiences. Ask them to offer education for families who need help talking to their children about LGBTQ+ topics.

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