Send an Activist to Camp!


GSAFE will bring together the next class of student activists this August at our 13th Annual Leadership Training Institute (LTI).  At LTI campers will spend four days learning the skills and knowledge they need to organize for safer schools for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning students.

Our goal is to raise $5,000 to send 40 students to LTI – that’s $125 per camper.

Can you help send an activist to camp?


Meet some of this year’s campers:



Why did you apply to attend LTI?

“I’ve heard from some people that LTI changed them in ways they didn’t expect, that there was a self-discovery aspect to it, and that appealed to me. Also, it just sounded like a really good opportunity to work on leadership skills. Specifically, I want to work on my public speaking, particularly in front of my peers.”

– Emma, Madison East High School







What are you hoping to get out of LTI?

“I’m hoping to gain leadership skills that I can use to run a stronger GSA.  I want to learn how to handle issues that come up, how to run meetings, plan events, and improve the social support aspect of our GSA.  We have 15 new members coming into our GSA next year, so I am going to need some skills to lead the club and help train the new members.”
– Justin, Pulaski High School









What is your hope for the GSA movement?

“I want people to know that GSA groups aren’t just for LGBT people – it’s for anyone who wants to get together and fight to make things better in their school.  GSAs should be tackling in-school fighting, racial oppression, all the issues that are making students feel unsafeI’ve worked to build a very diverse GSA, made up of students from many different social groups.  I think that’s what makes my GSA very special, and I hope other GSAs can have that, too.”

– Chaya, Mequon Homestead High School






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