For Educators

Educators play a critical role in making schools safer, more welcoming, and more just for LGBTQ+ students.

Resources for Educators

Many best practices are often simple, easy steps you can take starting on day one. Check out our Best Practices for Supporting LGBTQ+ Students as They Return to School resources for simple steps you and your colleagues can take.

Check out the resources we have on creating a safe zone, preventing and addressing bullying, supporting transgender and gender non-conforming youth, books and curricula, and creating and sustaining a Gay-Straight Alliance at your school.

Best Practices for Supporting LGBTQ+ Students as They Return to School

Coming back to school from summer vacation can be challenging for students who identify as LGBTQ+

Creating a Safe Zone

Valuable tools and information for administrators and educators on how to make Wisconsin schools safe for LGBTQ youth.

Creating & Sustaining a Gay-Straight Alliance

Are you interested in supporting the formation of a Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) at your school?

Books and Curricula

We are often asked for lists of LGBT-inclusive books and other curricula for K-12 schools.  Thankfully, the number of LGBT kids' books is ever growing.

LGBT History Materials

In the fall of 2008, GSAFE partnered with the Memorial Library on the UW-Madison campus to host a traveling exhibition from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Preventing & Addressing Bullying

Wisconsin schools are required by law to have an anti-bullying policy and procedures through which students and their advocates can report bullying.

Providing Leadership as an Administrator

 Students, educators, and parents look to administrators to take the lead on making sure that all students feel included and welcome.

Supporting Transgender & Gender Non-Conforming Students

As more students come out as transgender, schools professionals are looking for guidance and resources on how best to support them

School Experiences of Trans and GNC Students in Wisconsin

In 2015, UW-Madison faculty Drs. Maurice N. Gattis and Sara L. McKinnon released a new research report "School Experiences of Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Students in Wisconsin."