Training Educators

GSAFE provides high quality and engaging trainings for educators, students, community members, and families focused on the needs of LGBTQ+ Youth.


An introductory training into LGBTQ+ & BIPOC terms, definitions, and a preview of the (4) core sections of the GSAFE curriculum.


K-5 Education

A training that tackles elementary LGBTQ+ education, and how to strategically introduce language and concepts related to identity, families, and respect.


What Administrators Need to Know

This workshop is designed to help school and district leaders navigate and provide a vision for supporting and including LGBTQ+ students. Includes principles of responding to questions and concerns from students, families, school staff and educators, and other stakeholders. While also providing tools to effectively integrate LGBTQ+ curriculum, surveys and assessments into their academic year.


GSA & Leadership Development

A complete training on leadership & professional development for GSA advisors & student members.


Programs & Safe-Spaces

A must-have training for any teacher, school or district that is striving to build a safe and inclusive environment. This training addresses classroom/school culture, handling tough situations, and embracing diversity through programs and events.


Gender & Sex

A more in-depth look into gender identity, orientation, and best practices. This training is tailored for high school students and professionals.


LGBTQ+ & BIPOC Rights & Best Practices

This training is for anyone who wants to build their allyship by improving knowledge about the rights of LGBTQ+ & BIPOC students. Learn how to support practices that affirm and include LGBTQ+ & BIPOC youth and respond to challenges and pushback.


Becoming a Change Agent

An introductory training on making the transition from bystander to ally. This training will provide insight on immediate actions that can be done to address basic challenges that the LGBTQ+ community face.


Consent Culture

An in-depth presentation on understanding and creating an environment that normalizes respecting boundaries, while providing comprehensive consent education, as well as inclusive medically accurate human growth and development.


Trans & Non-Binary Youth

An in-depth look into the challenges that Trans & Non-Binary youth face and how to create an atmosphere that is inclusive to all. This training provides an opportunity to discuss sensitive issues, and explore best practices implemented by other school districts.

GSAFE has a Certified Welcoming Schools Facilitator on staff.  Welcoming Schools is a comprehensive approach to creating respectful and supportive elementary schools with resources and professional development.

Check out our resource page for educators, here.