Board of Directors

GSAFE Board of Directors


Lane Hanson, Chair

Chris Barcelos

Lesley Wolf

Keith Borden

Jackie Hind, Secretary

Nate Metcalf, Treasurer

Megin McDonell


Lane Hanson, Chair
Community Engagement Coordinator, UW Madison
Adjunct Faculty, Edgewood College
I am a social worker and currently teach at UW Madison and Edgewood College. My approach to teaching is 
grounded in social justice and my teaching philosophy involves first unlearning the damaging socialization processes we 
all learn as individuals living in a majority culture that is dominated by white supremacy, capitalism and patriarchy. 
I am happy to be back in the world of GSAFE; where my journey towards living as my authentic self first began.😊 



Chris Barcelos
Scholar-Activist, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Chris Barcelos is a scholar-activist, educator, yoga instructor, and parent who moved to Madison in 2016. In the college classroom, Chris teaches courses in reproductive justice, queer of color critique, and feminist research methods. As a scholar, they work with communities and organizations to promote research for and by marginalized people that provides tools for collective liberation. Chris also teaches community-based yoga classes to share the benefits of yoga with people who find yogic practice inaccessible, whether because of race, class, gender, sexuality, body size, and/or ability.






Lesley Wolf
Program Director, Healthy Wisconsin Leadership Institute

Lesley Wolf (she/her/hers) is the Program Director for the Healthy Wisconsin Leadership Institute Lesley works with coalitions in Wisconsin to address root causes of inequities, and center leadership of those most impacted to advance health and health equity.  Lesley loves that GSAFE is a LGBTQ+ youth power and capacity building organization! The work of GSAFE is essential to shaping a future that looks different from our current reality and she is proud to be a part of the change as a member of the GSAFE board.





Keith Borden
ReUnion Yoga

Keith approaches his yoga practice from a spiritual perspective by “providing space for people to get close to their best and better selves.” He teaches classes in Madison and all over the world. Borden has led workshops in the San Francisco Bay area, New York City, Germany, Canada, Spain, and Portugal.

One of his most meaningful teaching experiences was with the Madison East High School basketball team after the officer-involved shooting death of student-athlete Tony Robinson.

Borden and his husband are also marriage equality activists. They were plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the state of Wisconsin that made it to the United States Supreme Court. In his free time, Borden enjoys reading, biking, traveling, and spending time with his young daughter.


Jackie Hind, Secretary

Jackie is  a senior management team member of a local start-up company.   Her focus is on strategic planning to develop products to meet the health needs of customers. She has  20+ years of successful grant writing and nonprofit board experience and is thrilled to bring her skills and energy to GSAFE. She is a mother of two children of color and a devoted member of the LGBTQ+ community.





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“Words Hurt Week helped me discover the importance of intersectionality within all social movements – recognizing that we cannot make progress within the queer community without also examining the systems that impact other oppressions.”  Maria, Former GSAFE Youth Activist