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GSAFE has a year-round need for volunteers.

GSAFE has a year-round need for volunteers.  Volunteers play a crucial role at our Celebration of Leadership Banquet in May, at our Trick or Trot 5k Walk/Run in October, and throughout the year with semi-regular mailings.

Please send an email to to inquire about current volunteer needs.



We are Hiring 


Interested in joining our team? 

Please send a resume and a cover letter to: 

Tyrone Creech at 

LOCATION: In-person, 122 East Olin Ave, Suite #100 Madison WI 53713
TERMS: Full Time Employment, 40hr/week
SALARY/RATE: $70,000


GSAFE Mission GSAFE Values
GSAFE creates just schools for LGBTQ+ youth in Wisconsin.  

We do this by:

  • Developing the leadership of LGBTQ+ youth,
  • Supporting Gay-Straight Alliances,
  • Training educators,
  • Advancing educational justice, and
  • Deepening racial, gender, trans, and social justice.
GSAFE values integrity, honesty, openness, and authenticity.  We are committed to youth leadership, anti-racism, and social justice and recognize we are all life-long learners and teachers.  We hold ourselves accountable to the youth we serve as well as each other, our board, funders, partner organizations, and the broader community by honoring our commitments and continuously reflecting on and improving our work.  We are driven by a vision of a world free of oppression based on gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, race, and other identities and strive to model the world we want to exist through our everyday actions.


GSAFE’s Director of Youth Programming is responsible for the planning and implementation of both small and large-scale programming that is inclusive of LGBTQ+ and BIPOC youth across Wisconsin. The Director of Youth Programming will develop opportunities for youth to experience community, develop leadership skills, engage in activism, and receive support. The Director of Youth Programming is responsible for developing a well-structured plan of action that will support all youth programming from start to finish. 


The Director of Youth Programming is responsible for coordinating various interrelated tasks, 

which include: 

  • Managing the overall operation of GSAFE’s youth programs 
  • Designing, directing, implementing, and disseminating objectives and operational strategies 
  • Creating and managing program budgets 
  • Developing, processing, and monitoring evaluation toolkits to measure program performance
  • Ensuring project operations are consistent with regulatory guidelines and internal processes 
  • Developing innovative work systems and processes to simplify operations of current programs 
  • Collecting, recording, and analyzing project data and developing insightful reports 
  • Supervising and managing youth program staff

Strategic Leadership: 

  • Work collaboratively with the Board of Directors, Executive Director, and leadership team to support the evolving operations and strategic direction of GSAFE. 
  • Partner with the Executive Director and other staff to create, maintain, and implement a strategic plan for the Department of Youth Programs. 
  • Develop new funding partnerships and fundraising events to support departmental activities, including the solicitation of donations and planned gifts. 
  • Collaborate closely with the Director of Family Engagement and Advocacy and the Senior Director of Education and Policy to integrate cross department learning and community building activities into youth programming and to foster synergy between departments and across the organization. 
  • Evaluate current procedures and practices for accomplishing programmatic and departmental objectives. 
  • Implement a variety of methods to promote continuous quality improvement. 
  • Organize and participate in GSAFE events, activities, planning, and meetings. 
  • Participate in leadership meetings, including providing status reports on departmental operations and activities. 
  • Work with the Executive Director and Director of Finance and Development to develop and maintain youth program budgets. Propose program efficiencies, new ideas and strategies for program design, and program budgets to accommodate any proposals. 
  • Foster a climate of inclusivity, acceptance, and affirmation among youth, families, and staff in keeping with GSAFE’s values. 
  • Attend required training and professional development opportunities. 

Implementation of Programs: 

  • Direct Youth Programs, including but not limited to: recruiting and stewarding relationships with diverse youth around the state with a focus on recruitment of trans and nonbinary youth and youth of color; supporting and consulting with students and advisors involved in Gay Straight Alliances across the state; Creating and implementing statewide conference(s); creating and supporting a Youth Activist Council; planning and implementing the Leadership Training Institute; supporting the transition from Middle School to High School for LGBTQ+ youth by promotion of High School opportunities and supports 
  • Lead and co-create with departmental staff a plan of the daily, weekly, monthly, and annual activities of the department and ensure adequate staffing to sustain operations. 
  • Maintain records needed for program administration and obtain a working knowledge of all program work and performance goals/metrics. 
  • Create recruitment/outreach strategies to promote youth program attendance and participation, specifically focusing on trans, nonbinary, and youth of color. 
  • Ensure the timely purchase and tracking of necessary equipment and supplies to support the department’s programming, in compliance with GSAFE’s purchasing protocol and grant restrictions. Maintain and share an updated inventory of supplies and equipment procured for the department. 
  • Supervise youth and staff during events and ensure appropriate management of liability risks.
  • Facilitate the incorporation of interns, community volunteers, and board members into the activities and operations of the department as appropriate. 
  • Foster the development of leadership skills, college/vocational preparation, and career skills for all youth. 
  • Conduct interventions among high-risk youth, as needed, and refer youth and families to additional services and resources. 


Grant Management: 

  • Work with the Executive Director and Director of Finance and Development to pursue new funding opportunities. 
  • Fulfill the administrative and management expectations of all grants, including attendance at all meetings set by funders. 
  • Ensure the timely, accurate, and comprehensive completion of all program reporting, data tracking, and data entry, as specified by the grant, Executive Director, or Director of Finance and Development, on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. 
  • Partner with the Executive Director and other senior staff to fulfill grant expectations and relevant training to meet the needs of the population GSAFE serves. 



  • Supervise the Department of Youth Programs staff and support the administrative and relational expectations related to supervision, including staff morale and HR duties. 
  • Provide leadership through the management, supervision, and mentoring of department staff.
  • Participate in the onboarding of new staff. 
  • Perform timely six-month and annual performance appraisals with youth program staff, and work with each team member to develop and fulfill annual professional development goals. 
  • Recruit and interview new talent to support the department’s programming. 

Community Building: 

  • Cultivate ongoing familiarity with GSAFE communities, build relationships and collaborative partnerships that benefit the organization and the community GSAFE serves. 
  • Represent GSAFE at appropriate events or functions as directed by the Executive Director. 
  • Participate in coalition/committee meetings as requested by the Executive Director. 
  • Collaborate with service providers and organizations that align with GSAFE’s goal of establishing and  cultivating relationships that respond to the needs of LGBTQ+ youth, families, and educators. 
  • Establish and maintain Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) and linkage agreements, as required. 
  • Collaborate with school districts across the state in the implementation of the department’s programs, including the annual renewal of linkage agreements with all participating schools and program sites.
  • Organize, coordinate, and facilitate LGBTQ+ inclusion workshops and trainings for schools, institutions, and community-based organizations upon request and as directed. 
  • Perform other duties as assigned.



Education and Experience Requirements: 

  • Experience working with LGBTQ+ and BIPOC youth 
  • Bachelor’s degree in Education, Social Work, Student Services, or related human services degree, or an equivalent combination of education and experience, is required. 
  • Two or more years of work experience working with K-12 youth is required. 
  • Experience with youth development programming, such as social-emotional learning, social skills training, service learning, and/or trauma-informed practices preferred. 
  • Experience with teaching and curriculum development is preferred. 
  • Supervision experience preferred. 
  • Possession of valid driver's license and reliable access to transportation 
Skills and Abilities: 

  • Bilingual Spanish/English preferred. 
  • Must be able to work sensitively and effectively with individuals of diverse educational, socio-economic, racial, and cultural backgrounds. 
  • Demonstrated ability to motivate staff, build team cohesion. 
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail. 
  • Must be able to manage multiple tasks. 
  • Strong written, verbal, and interpersonal communication. 
  • Must be able to communicate effectively with parents and staff. 
  • Proficiency in Google Workspace, good typing skills, and general computer/technology skills are required. 
  • Commitment to GSAFE’s mission and program philosophies.

Interested in joining our team? 

Please send a resume and a cover letter to: 

Tyrone Creech at 

Review begins on 5/22/24 

Position start date 7/1/24 

Position will remain open until filled. 

*Trans, nonbinary, LGBTQ+ and BIPOC candidates strongly encouraged to apply!