Leadership Training Institute


Leadership Training Institute 2022 will be July 28-31 on UW Madison campus at Dejope Residence Hall. Applications are available here.

Leadership Training Institute, or LTI, is GSAFE’s hallmark student event, a four-day summer camp that helps students take their activism, organizing, and leadership skills to the next level.

One of the most common reasons a GSA will disappear from a school is that the main student organizers of the club have graduated.  Recognizing this, GSAFE began holding LTI to train younger students to return to school in the fall equipped with the tools, knowledge, and passion to lead their GSA.


Here is what some of the campers had to say about their LTI experience:


“LTI was one of the most life changing and amazing moments of my life. I can’t believe that it’s over. I have finally found a sense of community and I feel like I belong to people who are just like me.” – Taye, McFarland High School

“When I left for LTI, I had no idea that the people I was about to meet, and hopefully friend, were about to become my family. I had no idea that LTI was going to be my home away from home. I came into LTI hoping the best for my school, and left with the thought, ‘I never want to leave this place. This is where I truly belong and I love every single one of these people.’” – Brianna, Beloit Turner High School

“I cannot believe the feelings and adventures I went through in LTI. Our mentors were the best and the other campers are awesome. I recommend EVERYONE and ANYONE go to LTI. It’s more than just learning about the LGBTQ+ community … I just wished it was longer.” – Kelly, Milwaukee Hamilton High School


LTI is not just about GSA leadership.  Students who attend LTI gain leadership skills that can be applied to many different areas of their student career.  A major focus of LTI is helping students develop a stronger analysis of social justice issues so that they can work towards making their schools safer and more just for all people.

If you have any questions about LTI, the application process, or any of GSAFE’s other student programs, please call us at (608)661-4141 or email info@gsafewi.org.

LTI 2016 Group Photo



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haruka-testimonial“The summer after my first year of high school I attended LTI, GSAFE’s camp for youth leaders. I hold those four days dear to my heart and firmly believe that they were instrumental in transforming my life.” – Haruka, Former GSAFE Youth Activist