LGBTQ Youth Of Color Leadership Conference 2014

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On May 23, 2014 GSAFE is hosted a day-long LGBTQ Youth of Color Leadership conference to create a space for LGBTQ youth of color and their allies to discuss what LGBTQ identities look like in their communities, identify the issues, and discuss ways to build! The conference took place at the Dream Bank in Madison, WI.
Youth that attended used theater, games, and dialogue to critically engage topics such as: gender and sexuality expectations and cultural norms; intersections of race, class and sexuality; the impact of poverty, violence, prisons, immigration etc. in the LGBTQ experience. Youth discussed and learned ways that their communities are resilient, as well as how to be successful in the face of adversity.

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“Some of the boys used the expression ‘No Homo’ when playing a game and I immediately talked to them about what that phrase means and how it is offensive. GSAFE’s training prepared me to intervene in that moment.”

After school program staff