Fundraising Opportunity for GSAs


Take the Hero Challenge and Raise Money for GSAFE and for your own GSA!

Gay Straight Alliance for Safe Schools (GSAFE) is gearing up to hold our Walk/Run/Eat for Safe Schools on Sunday, October 14th, 2012.  This event is an opportunity for GSAFE to connect with the community, highlight its mission, and raise money for the safe schools movement in Wisconsin.  This year, we are trying something different: We want this to be a fundraising opportunity for you, too!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Create a fundraising page for your GSA or student club through the GSAFE website at:
  2. Recruit people to join your online team and help raise money for GSAFE and for your GSA through email, Facebook, Twitter, and personal asks.
  3. If you are available, attend the Walk/Run/Eat for Safe Schools on Sunday, October 14th in Madison.  Come dressed as a team of heroes and either walk in the 5K or volunteer as a team somewhere along the route.
  4. After the Walk/Run/Eat for Safe Schools, GSAFE will add up all the money that your GSA raised online and in person and send you a check for half!

If you are interested in learning more about this fundraising opportunity, contact Tim Michael at or by calling (608)661-4141.


Frequently Asked Questions

1.     Does a GSA have to attend the Walk/Run/Eat for Safe Schools on October 14th to participate in this fundraising opportunity?

No.  We love having GSAs and students present that day, but we also know that Madison is a long way to travel for a lot of folks.  GSAs can participate in this fundraising challenge without attending the Walk/Run/Eat for Safe Schools.

 2.     If a GSA does want to attend on the 14th, do they have to pay the registration fee?

Yes.  The registration fees help us cover the cost of putting on the event, and providing all participants with an event t-shirt and a meal.  If it makes things easier, we could also simply subtract the amount for the registration fees from the money that a GSA fundraises.  Please let Tim Michael know if you would like to do this.

 3.     Why does GSAFE get half of the money we fundraise?

The Walk/Run/Eat for Safe Schools is GSAFE’s biggest fundraiser.  In addition to helping cover the administrative costs of putting on this event, the money raised allows us to continue providing programming for students and educators all over the state.  Your fundraising efforts will be used to help other GSAs and schools in WI.

 4.     How do I set up a fundraising page for our GSA?

You can either link to our Walk/Run/Eat site through the GSAFE website at or by going directly to We recommend that a GSA advisor or student leader set up the site, and it needs to have the name of the school and the word “GSA” in the team name.  You can view our sample Wisconsin GSA page here.

 5.     Is there a minimum amount that a GSA has to raise to participate?

We ask that each GSA set a fundraising goal of at least $100.  There will be no penalty for not reaching that goal, but we think it’s a fairly easy goal to reach.

 6.     What if I have other questions about this event or the Hero Challenge?

 Please feel free to call the GSAFE office at any time at (608)661-4141.

Download information about the “Hero Challenge” here.

Download a tracking sheet for collection offline donations here.