GSAFE Art Contest 2012

Would you like YOUR ARTWORK to appear on the 2012 GSAFE Thank You card? Do you have art that speaks to the theme – Make It Better?

All you need to do is draw or paint an image that speaks to the work GSAFE does to Make It Better for Wisconsin’s LGBTQ youth. Put your art on paper or sheet canvas (at least 4×5″ but no larger than 8.5×11″), put it in a large envelope (flat, not folded), and turn it in by MARCH 30, 2012 to:

GSAFE Art Contest (Attn: Kristen)

301 S. Bedford St., #1, Madison, WI 53703

On a separate piece of paper, gently taped to the back of your artwork, be sure to include your name, GSA/school, grade level, mailing address, phone #, e-mail address, and (optional) a brief narrative describing your artwork.  INCOMPLETE SUBMISSIONS MAY BE DISQUALIFIED.  Images larger than 4×5″ will be scanned and shrunk to fit on a 4×5 thank you card.

Winners will be featured in our newsletter!

Contest Rules: Only one entry per person is allowed, and the submission must be your original artwork. Rich, deep colors scan better than faint pastels.  Art will be returned in the mail ONLY IF you provide a self-addressed large envelope with four first-class stamps.


Questions? Contact Kristen Petroshius at (608) 661-4141 or