WEAC honors GSAFE With 2018 Friend of Education Award

At its 2018 Representative Assembly in La Crosse, Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC) recognized GSAFE with its 2018 Friend of Education Award.

WEAC President Ron Martin introduced GSAFE with the following comments:

“The WEAC Friend of Education Award goes to an organization that makes a difference for educators and students — GSAFE. GSAFE is a champion, creating schools where all LGBTQ youth and students can thrive.

“With us today from GSAFE are co- director Brian Juchems and board member Evelyn Gildrie-Voyles with her son, Isaac. Brian works closely with outreach to educators and leads policy work with school districts.  

 “WEAC partnered with GSAFE this January with for first-ever train-the-trainer program on creating safe and welcoming schools for our LGBTQ students. It was a huge success, and look for more opportunities coming soon.

“In fact, GSAFE was founded by educators leading in their district. Oftentimes, we’re the first adults an LBGTQ student might come out to. There are simple steps we can take to make the journey better for them – whether the intentional choice of words or being encouraging.

“GSAFE knows we educators are on the ground, day-to-day, doing the work to make things better for all students. GSAFE knows it’s important for us to be empowered. Youth are looking to us to create those safe spaces, and our union is committed to foster leaders to make that happen. We are proud to stand with GSAFE and to honor you with the 2018 Friend of Education Award.”